Local Cinemas

Local Cinemas

This website promotes cinema from your local Village Hall Cinema to your commercial high street cinema and out of town multiplex or for any other venue that shows films.

The definition of cinema has changed over the years. Most modern Cinemas  refer to themselves as a media room. Showing so many different other contents other than just current cinema releases. So this website is to promote any place related to the showing of films from new releases to classic and arthouse films whether in a village hall, a purpose built art centre or individuals creating a cinema event whether indoors or outdoors. It’s not only Cinemas that show films a lot of community centres and Village halls show films as well. So if you’re looking for your local cinema or local film society then you have come to the right place. Also if you have a cinema project you wish to promote then you’re welcome to do so here by clicking on the add places tab at the top.  

The High Street cinemas

In the early cinema days mostly every town and high street had a cinema or two. As a cinema projectionist in the 80s and 90s I would look over the roof top after getting the film ready and see people leaving local pubs and restaurants to make their way to the cinema for the last show of the day. Now that most cinemas have moved to outside multiplexes, where in some places you need to drive to get there, I feel this has contributed greatly to the decline of some high streets. Town centre stores are shutting down at a rate of 18 a day across Britain.  Most cinemas in the early days gave you a great experience where staff would dress up as characters from the films and the cinema general manager wishing you a good night. It was more personal.

Our aim is to provide the people of UK whether you are in a rural village or bustling town with information of their local cinema or community cinema or multiplex.  

A list of cinemas, venues and cinema events in rural (non urban) areas, where conventional cinemas are minimal, and normally in nontraditional venues such as village halls and community centres run by the community for the community.

What`s on at the local Cinema ?

 Whats on at your local cinema is a big question.  Most commercial cinemas will show the latest releases whilst you community cinema will show films that have been shown at the modern multiplex and commercial cinema before.  A community cinema is a real opportunity to see old classic cinema films that you missed the first time round or wish to see again on a big screen.  Art house cinemas and film societies  have become very popular in the UK.  They show a vast array of foreign films that your not likely to see within the commercial cinema industry.  

Temporary Cinema Events

Throughout the UK temporary cinemas are popping up to show films in village halls and schools.  It is a great fundraiser with firms like Proscreens offering a mobile cinema equipment hire service.  Proscreens travel throughout the UK temporary cinema equipment for both indoors and outdoor events.  For outdoor cinema events they offer air inflated Airscreens.