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The outdoor cinema frenzy has hit the UK in a big way. Schools, communities and big venues are starting to set up summer outdoor screenings throughout the UK. Schools are using the outdoor mobile cinema as a way of fundraising for the school PTA. Corporate companies are hiring outdoor inflatable screens as a treat over the summer for their employees. Also people are using it as a way of bringing to communities together. Over the years small rural and independent cinemas have been closing because of a few factors. These include rate and rents that have gone up over the years and also the amount the cinema has to give to the film companies can be as much as 80% which makes running a commercial and rural full time cinema difficult to maintain which is bad for communities. So with the decline in rural and small local cinemas the communities are starting to get together and buy in or hire in a mobile cinema such as Proscreens.

How to set up an Outdoor Cinema.

Cinema equipment suppliers like Proscreens offer cinema equipment hire for an outdoor cinema. The best screen to use is an inflatable Airscreen rather than a framed screen which can be dangerous. This is a projection screen so can only be used from dusk +30 mins. It needs to be dark like an authentic cinema so this needs to be kept in mind when setting up your outdoor cinema event. Usually when setting up an outdoor cinema there are certain things to consider like the weather. So when you do your advertisement you need to ensure your customers are aware that the screening could be cancelled due to bad weather or rescheduled. Importantly when doing an outdoor cinema event terms and conditions are really important so the cinema goers are well aware of what will happen if your cinema event has to be cancelled. Also you need to set a policy for refunds or no refunds.

Health and Safety for an Open Air Cinema

Open air cinema health and safety is like any other event very important to consider. The best time to have an outdoor open air cinema event is obviously at night so a part of the health and safety to consider is the lighting for audience goers to be able to get off the field at the end of the film screening. Also toilets, sometimes people hire portaloos but forget to install lights.

The Techncial Side if an Open Air Cinema

The technical side of this article has  been supplied by Proscreens.  When Proscreens sets up and outdoor cinema they use an inflatable projection cinema screen. This open air cinema screen is specialised and designed so the cinema projector is behind the screen so all the cabling is safely tucked away from the cinema goers.  Proscreens always insists that no members of the public are allowed behind the outdoor projection screen.

outdoor cinema industry sources said that there are now around 800-1,000 pop-up cinema screenings per year in the Uk

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Cost to put on a outdoor Cinema

The biggest question for School and charity’s is how much does a film screening cost to put on outdoors? The honest answer: there is no average amount is £900. In order to budget for your event, start by calculating Cinema equipment hire, venue hire, staffing expenses, catering, marketing and film screening licence.

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