On Tuesday October 1st 2019, the Pacific Cinerama theater in down town Hollywood California, ran a three strip restored version of ‘How the West was Won’ and we were invited to not only see it, but hear the recounts of the people involved before the show AND visit the projection booth for a tour after. So sit back and watch a highlight reel of what transpired on this very wonderful evening of entertainment and surprises.

In 1952, Cinerama was launched as the ultimate in immersive cinema. Synchronised 35mm projectors are used to project three images simultaneously, producing an ultra-wide picture. A 146° curved screen


Cinerama was the first of a number of new cinema processes introduced during the 1950s, when the film industry found itself competing against television.

The process was premiered in 1952, with the ultra-wide picture accompanied by multi-track surround sound. It was a huge success: audiences loved the immersive experience and sense of involvement Cinerama gave them. However, the process of projecting Cinerama movies was complex, expensive, and required specialised equipment, which prevented the system from being installed in more than a handful of theatres.

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